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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  January 28, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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rescue team back from haiti all heros tonight. >> the team touched down at dallas international airport about half an hour ago. passing out e arts of water from two -- passing out arts of water. we have a live look with surae chinn where the team is expected to arrive within the hour, surae? >> reporter: right now, they are at dallas airport. they are going to have to go through an extensive custom, going through their bags. it will be for some time. but we're told they were suppose to arrive here at 5:30 here at the academy. where the family are anxiously awaiting. if you're back here, i want to show you this family. lieutenant's family, who can't wait. look at all their wonderful posters that they have made throughout the night and through
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the days ahead. and that they were welcoming for lieutenant, tom carver, they dad, nieces and nephews, all waiting for this happy homecoming. we're told once they arrive, they will need to see the family, but they will immediately need to go into a briefing for half an hour before they could talk to us. 114 men and women, of the fairfax county urban search and rescue, they have so much to tell and have been through so much. they rescued 16 survivors from the rubble in haiti. they have been a part of this single catastrophic event, the most success stories that they have been a part of. they were the first rescue team on the ground and one of the last to leave the devastated region. and so 15 incredibly long days that they spent in haiti. of course, we can't wait to talk with them. we'll bring you the latest once we get it. >> all right, surae, a job very well done. thank you for that. 15 days after the quake hit, a haitian girl was miraculously rescued under the debris of the
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college yesterday. french crews dug out the 17-year-old after neighbors reported that they heard a voice coming from the rubble. searchers say she was barely alive. they covered her with a blanket and supplied an oxygen mask before rushing her to a french field hospital. she's now in stable condition on board the french naval ship, anchored off the coast. doctors expect her to survive, but they are at a loss at how she lasted this long. back on land, hundreds of thousands of quake survivors are hoping for another kind of breakthrough. a delivery of the badly needed food and aid. relief experts say the disaster scale and the poor infrastructure are presenting some unpresidented challenges. but haitian leaders, they complain that the aid coordination has been formed. the un says that delivery has been tampered. coming up at 5:30, the 3-year-old haitian girl who is adjusting to her new life in frederick, maryland. metro, they are raising the fares on trains and buses, trying to fill a big budget
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hole. there might be more increases coming down the pipeline. the metro board, approved a 10 cent surcharge. that gets started in march. we've got the full story with bruce leshan. you're going to have to dig a little deeper to dig metro out of the hole. but the board says it was that or cut back on service. i was hoping they wouldn't cut service anymore because it is not all that great right now. i would pay the extra fare. >> reporter: they are $40 million short on their budget for just the next five months alone. and next year, it is looking at an almost $200 million shortfall. >> i think that is a good alternative. maintenance and service should not be reduced. >> reporter: a part of the problem is the economy. fewer people are commuting because fewer people have jobs to go to and metro struggles on raising fares for people struggling to get by. >> and since it is more,
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doesn't mean i'm going to get hungry and that i get there on time without polluting the air. it works. >> reporter: but board members worry even more about the impact of cutting service. >> they get the best of both words. >> service cuts would send the system into a downward spiral. >> i don't think it's an exaggeration to say that we're peering into that spiral. as we begin eroding the service for that we'll see that. that would lead to further are kline to the revenue. and defined in the services. and that metro, they could divert money from their capitol budget. and for the trains and the buses, and to move them out there.
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>> on the trains and all of them. >> you got it. >> i appreciate that. from school worker safety. they were killed in rockville. the safety officer, they say that metro is reviewing several proposals for technology that would alert technologies when -- workers when lights are present like the gps tracking system. in the meantime, the younger brother of the dc council member, jim graham's chief of staff was murdered last night. the 18-year-old was shot and killed in southeast. his older brother is calvin b. woodman. and he's graham's chief of staff. his father was an anti-crime activist in that neighborhood. right now, police are looking for the gunman. a visual will take place in less
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than an hour. 9news will have a live report coming up at 6:00. a boy in custody for allegedly shooting a neighbor's dog. the youngster stole his neighbor's .22 caliber rifle and used it to shoot the german shepherd mix. he complained it barked too much. the dog is recovering after being wounded in the neck. the boy is not being identified. agents are trying to determine the source of an explosion in harrissonburg, virginia, that blast happened on train tracks this morning near james madison university. classes were not impacted, but there was some damage to the tracks that are used for freight train. investigators say there were no injuries and they do not suspect terrorism. sky nine was over the scene. the house firing area in gainesville this morning. flames shooting through the house shortly before dawn. the home under construction was about 90% complete. no one was inside. investigators say this was an accidental fire that they were trying to figure out the
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exact clause. montgomery county police are asking for your help to find a missing 11-year-old girl. she was last seen in rockville this morning, until recently, living with relatives on alabama avenue in southeast, dc. police are worried about the girl, because of her age and has some medical conditions. a fairfax county police officer accused of killing an unarmed man in november is apparently off the hook tonight. prosecutors say he will not be charged. the officer's name has not been released. that shooting happened along route 1 near the ford hunt road. officers, they shot and killed them. a suspected thief. because he thought that he was reaching for a gun. the officer has been reassigned to the administrative duty and police now plan to conduct an internal investigation. a maryland man is under arrest in connection with several thefts from vehicles along the canal. detectives say the 41-year-old, oliver lopez, appeared in surveillance photographs using some of the victims credit cards.
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those daytime thefts happened near potomac. lopez is also a suspect in other crimes committed in prince george and fairfax counties. president obama filed up his state of the union address by making a quick trip to florida. while he tried to convince voters he has the right formula to putting the country back to work, republicans suggest his policies are killing jobs. jill brown reports from the white house. >> reporter: president obama went from the state of the union straight to this campaign-style event in florida. >> thank you, everybody. hello tampa! >> reporter: his message the same in both places. >> we're not going to rest until we rebuild an economy in which hard work and responsibility are rewarded and businesses are hiring again and wages are growing again and the middle class can get their legs underneath it again. >> reporter: in a bid to get more americans on board with his
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plans to create jobs, announcing $8 billion in stimulus money for the development of a new national high-speed rail system. >> i'm going to come back down here and ride it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the president is hoping to convince people that he's on the right track, but republicans point to double tkeupblt unemployment -- digit unemployment and say his agenda has gone off the rails. >> american people are still asking the questions, where are the jobs? >> reporter: president obama says he understands that americans are frustrated. and he is calling for an end to the political bickering in washington. >> i want the republicans off the sidelines. >> reporter: but the gop says it's the president that needs to change his attitude. >> there was nothing last night to indicate that there was any willingness to sit down and work together. >> reporter: republicans insist that they are willing to sit down and talk to democrats. they have invited the president to their winter meeting on friday. he plans to go and in a move that could contest both party's willingness to put politics aside. joel brown, cbs news, the white
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house. the northeast coroner from washington, d.c. to boston will get $112 million of the high-speed rail funding. most of the grant money will go to florida, california, and the chicago hub, which includes chicago's st. louis and kansas city area. president obama puts that into ward. >> for the americans. are even better and becoming more active. but they admit that it is tough with today's busy lifestyle. >> at the end of the long day, more and more families, they are experiencing these long days with two parents working and busy schedules, and you just get home and you're tired and you pick up the phone and you order people, or you go to that drive thru, it's just easier. the president touched on the first lady's test during last night's state of the union address. well, if you want to visit
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the beloved panda who won all our hearts down at the national zoo, folks, you've got only one week before he's off to asia. alex trevino with more on the travel plans. >> reporter: these are the final days, stealing all the attention from the rest of the animals at the national zoo. the last chance to catch a glimpse, capture a snapshot, or record some video of the cuddlely creature chewing on leaves. >> i've been working with him almost every day of his life and every day he makes me smile. >> reporter: no one has shared more special moments with the four and a half-year-old panda than nicole. she has been her handler, teacher and friend since the birth in 2005. fedex made a promise he'd be in good hands all the way to china. >> the special part about this, we're going to use our freighter, the fastest most efficient aircraft to get to asia. he'll be the special passenger on that aircraft. >> reporter: john says that he will have company too. they are pulling with atlanta's
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3-year-old female panda, be  maylan. both traveling in custom made steel crates from dallas international airport to china. ties emotionally attached them. they don't want to sea him go. >> it's sad that she's leaving. but they are going back to china. >> it would be nice to trade for some eagles or something. accounted -r -- isn't there something they like to breed them here? but the rules are the rules. >> reporter: the zoo is throwing a public farewell party on saturday. the party will move to sunday. alex trevino, 9news now and >> as sad as all that is, keep this in mind, the lease on the parents, expire in december. zoo vets are keeping a close eye on them to see if she is pregnant. maybe she'll bring us another cub. after days of confusion, toyota says it is near a solution for those sticky gas pedals.
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we'll bring you the latest just ahead. >> hello? >> hi. >> hi. >> just ahead. a toddler's life-saving 911 call. but first, they admit to murder here in open court, to explain why he killed a kansas doctor. that's coming up next. ú
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scott told the kansas court, he had no choice, but to kill late term abortion provider. >> why did you kill him if many >> if someone did not stop him, they were going to continue to die, the babies, they were going to continue to die. >> reporter: his attorney say that he was trying to save lives, and should be convicted of voluntary manslaughter, not first-degree murder. it was a sunday morning when he walked into a church, putting a pistol to his head and pulled the trigger. >> somebody shot someone? >> yes, dr. george tillard shot. >> reporter: inside the courtroom, his widow held back tear.
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showing little emotions. as he answered questions about abortions and those who perform them. >> what are your feelings on the practice of abortion? >> from conception forward, it's murder. >> reporter: judge warren made it clear. this is a murder case. >> it's not allowed to turn this courtroom into a forum or referendum or debate on abortion. >> reporter: that could put him in prison for life. a manslaughter conviction would mean about five years. if they allow jurists to consider the manslaughter charge. prosecutors fear it may encourage other abortion rights opponents to use violence. and the case could go to the jury by the weekend. drew levinson, cbs news. the son of the gunman killed in a shootout at u.s. marshal in vegas is now in custody. that happens in the courthouse january force. they were killed, well now, his son, richard nelson is in custody. nelson was captured in tennessee last night, after allegedly making threats to blow up the federal building in memphis.
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a new jersey toddler is being hailed as a hero who appeared on the early show with his mother. he was with his grandmother last friday when she passed out. >> nana is sick. >> what's wrong? >> she's sick. >> what's wrong with her? blood sugar. >> her blood sugar? >> yeah. >> how old are you? >> 3. >> three? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: his mother said he taught him how to dial 911 just four nights before the emergency. meanwhile, the grandmother is in the hospital listed it in stable condition. that's one brave little boy. >> reporter: not only that, a smart boy. and he said it was her blood sugar. i mean, how many 3-year-olds are going to know that? >> not many. >> okay, how many 30-year-olds? >> exactly. >> that's the best shot day. >> with the chance of the snow,
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we would go back to the blood sugar. >> you always go back there. >> it could be july 15. >> just look at the bridges. >> that's a great shot then. and it's a great shot now. >> a great one right now. >> oh no. >> it's a great shot. >> and that is a nice blizzard picture. >> that's the old shot, the great picture. but that's not from petersburg. you couldn't see the cars at all. >> okay. >> all right, if you want to send us something, submit it. all you have to do is go to our website,, click on weather. and follow the drop down menu and be sure to include all your name and location. all right, the next three days. 32 tomorrow. dry. and dry tomorrow night. it will be cold though. more snow to the south, but i think that snow is likely across parts of the metro area. only 26 for the high. on sunday with sunshine, only 29. tonight, clear skies. breezy, much colder. 18 to 24.
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winds are after midnight. they will become northwesterly at 10-15. a little breezier and stronger than that until then. lows tonight, check this out. we were talking about teens at greatfalls. below 20s for them. teens in bow wee. and 18 also in upper marlboro. much colder where it is not that bad with highs in the 50s, but it's starting to fall. 49 at woodbridge, but look back to the west, already in the 30s and already in the 20s out into garrett county. for tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and breezy, very cold. teens in the 20s. the windchills will be in the single digits out of the northwest at 10 to 15. that will be much colder. highs only around 32. the good news, they die down northwesterly at about 10. satellite picture radar combined. here's the storm. you're going to watch this over the next 24 hours to see how far north you can get, up into
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kansas, across into southern missouri. with rain and thunderstorms, south of it. so this storm sort of has it all. it is essentially that storm out there where you want to see snow, go to fredericksburg or richmond this weekend. in the meantime, pretty good snow skwals to develop just to the north of it. up through new york city, also into providence and hartford and some develop just to the east of us, but right now, we're looking at clear skies. the arctic air is pouring in. the next seven days, 32 tomorrow, partly cloudy. some snow on saturday. more to the south, 26. 29 on sunday. and near 40 on monday. next storm comes at us on tuesday. this did not look like a big one. but they could provide a little mix of some sleet, freezing rain or snow. temperatures around 40. and then low 40s with some sunshine returning on wednesday and thursday. >> the arctic blast. >> yeah. >> he is happy about that. >> all right, jay leno, never wanting it to lay the tonight
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show. what else you had to say to oprah winfrey about their late night fight with conan o'brien. we'll have the story when we come back.
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i'm peggy fox. the website approved to make room for local moms. you can find encouragement in our weight loss health group. finally if you're looking for on jay leno still feeling the heat after winning the late night fight with conan o'brien. >> now, the late night show is telling his side of the story to oprah winfrey. patty reports. >> reporter: have you talked to conan in person? >> not after all of this. >> reporter: jay and conan are the punch line of each other jokes for week. he's waiting for the dust to settle before the talks. >> reporter: it took a hit. >> reporter: you can do anything you want in life. >> yeah. unless jay leno wants to do it too.
5:25 pm
>> reporter: now, what seems to be the image repair mode, the late night star is sitting down for a daytime confessional. >> america has taken sides. a lot of people are not on your side. >> yeah, i understand that. he's got to tell his side of the story and remind people as to why they liked him in the first place and what it was that made him number one in the late night for a decade and a half. >> it's like being a fighter and say when you got punched in the head, did it hurt? well yeah, but you're a fiter. >> reporter: patty koffman, cbs news, los angeles. >> leno said he was devastated when nbc executives asked him to leave the tonight show in 2004 because they wanted to give the program to conan o'brien. conan o'brien has been asked to appear on the oprah winfrey show, but did not confirm the date yet. it's almost close to a solution. >> what's coming up, we'll go behind the wheel of the defense driving area that shows us what to do. >> out of the tragedy of the earthquake in haiti comes a
5:26 pm
blessing to a frederick maryland family. i'm peggy fox, the story coming up.
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metro board of director proved a 10 cent fair hike today for the buses and the trains. that increase could be in affect from june. and a part of the plan to close a $40 million budget deficit. the white house is dulling out $8 million for the high-speed rail project. they unvailed the program during the town hall-style meeting today in tampa. members of the fairfax county urban search and rescue team, a home from haiti. and they are reuniting with their families and friends at the fire rescue academy. the teen rescued 16 people from the earthquake rubble during their 15-day area. adding another vehicle to the millions already recalled in the u.s. because of the faulty gas pedals. it is close to a if he said. the company that makes the gas pedal is speeding up production of the redesigned part and toyota engineers are trying to figure out how to fix the
5:30 pm
existing pedals as far as we know, there are no current owners if they take their cars to a dealership, they cannot fix them at this point. >> toyota dealers across the nation are being flooded with calls. asking them what to do. but for now, they are telling drivers to inspect their medals while the engine is off. if it seems at all sticky or slow, they should bring them into the dealer for utah further -- for further inspection. what do you do if your pedal gets stuck regardless if you drive a toyota or not? we've got some simple steps you can take if your car speeds out of control. surae chinn, i should say, tells us how to prepare now when it matters most. >> reporter: it can be a fright thing se nair -- frightening scenario. you're driving a car speeding out of control. the officer, tom, of tells us there is a simple solution. >> let's test them out on the
5:31 pm
road. instead of hitting the brakes, you just want to put it in neutral. you can see, the engine will rev even higher, but you'll be out of here and be able to go slowly and to hear it from the same time. >> reporter: they say that's easy enough. but for someone who has tpáefr had done it, doing is another thing. >> i don't know if i think that fast. and so that is a little scary. >> reporter: a common response is to panic. a good way to find out how you're reacting in the situation is to practice. >> get used to it, listening to the engine rev up. and putting the gear shift into neutral. >> with me behind the wheel. i follow the three steps. put it in neutral, steer, and hit. >> keep your head up. and make it neutral. >> seeing them out there, you can start breaking -- braking now. then you're in control. >> reporter: slamming the brake might be the first instinct. but experts say it's not the best move. >> if i jam on the brakes right now and the accelerator is going. take it out of gear, the fight is over. >> reporter: another instinct is to turn off the engine. >> just turn it off.
5:32 pm
and say how you lose your lights. and put your brake on, feel the steering wheel. if you're staring it, it gets a lot harder. >> drivers at most times u they would freak out, if they never thought about it. it's perfect to think about these type of things before it happens. >> in german town, 9news now and >> the general motors says that they are already hearing from thousands of toyota owners. offering some special incentive to bring that man-like interest free loans and $1,000 off the free payment. offering extra rebates on some of those toyota trade ins. breaking at the duncan donuts -- dunkin' donuts shop, saying that a suv came crashing through that shop. the driver and the passengers, two people inside the shop were hurt. but none of those injuries are believed to be life
5:33 pm
threatening. police are now trying to figure out what the heck happened. >> well, how is it looking on the roads here and there? >> well, as you can see behind me, it is slow. and it is a crowd on the inner loop, heading all the way from 66 as you can see out there, all the way to hápblg avenue. that's the scene of the block that blocked three lanes at one point. now it's off to the shoulders. as you can see, delays remain above 30 to 40 points from this point onto new hampshire avenue at this point in time. let's go to the graphics or the real-time area, showing all the other slow stretches that they are taking out there, the the cake right now. 26 minutes and growing before 495 to 495. welcoming that bridge out there and also slow, 14 minutes there due to the earlier crash at the connector, guys? back to you. >> thank you. orderly chaos with a large dose of love. that's the scene in frederick, maryland. at home tonight after the arrival of the 3-year-old little girl from haiti with now a family and a place to call
5:34 pm
home. peggy fox has the story. >> reporter: as many parents know, raising three children is not easy. >> very smiling, and plays with her brothers a lot and with us. >> reporter: they have been trying to adopt her since she was an infant at port-au- prince. because of her birth certificate missing, the abortion held up there. then the earthquake struck. >> it's amazingly great for the destructions out there. not just for us, but for the families. >> reporter: thanks to the easing of the u.s. policies, she was able to join her new family, including the brothers and jonas, who they adopted last year from texas. >> reporter: they became interested of adopting from haiti because of christy's mother who worked as a missionary in haiti for two years. >> i only know she was
5:35 pm
abandoned. they probably couldn't take one more child and left her out there with a better chance of life. >> reporter: they have no worries that she will be able to handle herself with two brothers. the only worry now is for the children that are still in haiti waiting to be adopted who must now wait longer for the new guidelines from the haitian government. >> reporter: and there are kids that could be processed and at home now for their families. but because they have implemented this, they are all still in haiti. >> reporter: in frederick, peggy fox, 9news now and >> what a very generous family. they want to encourage others to adopt them as well. go to if you want to hear about adoptions. a 6-year-old child from haiti is in israel, where he will undergo a life-saving heart transplant, or should i say the heart operation. they landed him out there today along with israel hawaii rescuers. that surgery was made possible by the doctors with save a
5:36 pm
child's heart. and the israel-based organization, aids children in developing countries who need heart surgery. the hope is that he will be able to return to haiti following the operation. >> and he has a name for them that is out of them at all. not enough blood for them so they are blue, they cannot work, they cannot play. and hopefully, after the century, that will be absolutely no more care. >> reporter: and once again, the hope is that he'll be able to return after the operation and if you want more information about how to help with the relief efforts in haiti, log onto click on that on our home page. best known for the catcher is dead. he was 91. he lived if many seclusion for years. became an almost immediate best seller and eventually made for reading and for them across the
5:37 pm
country. welcoming up, your once in a lifetime opportunity to view two of the world's most extraordinary blue diamonds, side by side and that is right here in dc.
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5:39 pm
the men and women that are about to arrive in fairfax are worth noting and worth noticing. they are the fairfax county urban search and rescue team. being reunited with their family after arriving home from the earthquake ravaged haiti withholding here for a second. hoping that you would see them there. and i don't know, derek. there are some pretty loud cheers there. >> remember, they landed at dallas airport. having to go through the customs, where they were allowed back in the country when they
5:40 pm
were told they would get here at 5:30, by the time we heard about that. >> not plausible there. but kind of optimistic. about to come in right here. and here they are. and there isesome joyful family members without their family members for the last 15 days. >> yeah, the last two weeks and this is a brief stay where they need to go and put that to the for 30 minutes or so that is certainly a welcome sight for them too. and because the loved ones, they go off the different areas across the world to try to do the impossible, and now they were able to save them there. >> some amazing stories with rescue tonight for the first couple of weeks. >> absolutely. >> the rescue team, they are returning. a dc neighborhood that has seen some tough times got some sprucing up today. casey joined forces with the urban forindustry add min --
5:41 pm
forestry. the community tree planting program fan about five years ago as the grass roots effort to beautify neighborhoods throughout the district. and here is something beautiful. a historic and rare diamond, on display at the smithsonian. visitors can check out the diamonds at the museum of natural history. the natural history. it is the first public appearance in 50 years. it's rumored to have seen the once in a lifetime opportunity to see two of the world's most extraordinary blue diamond. >> very lovely. >> at time square, the bill word at president obama that caused some controversy. it's been taken down. that billboard is a part of the weather proof outer wear company for them in that jacket there. and the problem is the administration that has a policy, but the president's name and image cannot be used for
5:42 pm
commercial purposes. weather prof with one featuring the president on mount rush mother. coming up, a man caught on tape with a chicken on the new york city subway for them. and that is absolutely safe. >> plus, this woman thought she could help haiti. but some things lost in translation will tell you more about her ordeal after the break. if you were shocked by gilbert arenas suspension, can you imagine what the teammates are going through? from inside the locker room, the comments just ahead. hard to believe we're talking about arctic air and snow. but we are. we'll take you out with the numbers. you'll access this on our website on go to the weather page. go to the drop down menu and follow the weather data. 54 and 34, going to the books, averaging 33-27. look at the records, 73 and two below. we'll talk about the weekend snow. stay tuned. it's a revolution in pain relief.
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(announcer) new icy hot medicated roll. for wherever you hurt. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. the new icy hot medicated roll. with the roll, pain's under control.
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a local woman moved by the images of haiti, decided to do something. but she says a mistake by a call taker left her with a huge pledge. and she cannot fulfill it. >> reporter: children, families, broken, burdened, and buried. she saw these images in haiti and couldn't turn away. >> thinking, oh my goodness, i don't have much. but they don't have anything. >> reporter: so as they raise their voices during the hope for haiti now telethon, she called the number on the bottom of the screen and pledged $20 to help. >> okay, how much are you doing? and she said, $20. and i was like, okay. that's fine. >> reporter: but the next day, the call to the credit card company about something unrelated. she discovered that $20 pledge was actually recorded as $2,000. so she called hope for haiti now about the
5:47 pm
error. >> and they were like oh, we're sorry, you know, you have to understand, we're human. and we make mistakes. and i was like, okay, that's fine, but correct this mistake. >> reporter: consumer advocates say her case should be a lesson to others who give. you have to check the bill carefully and if there is a problem, take immediate action. >> contact that organization, and you'll let them know this problem here. >> reporter: they say that you should then contact your credit card to dispute the charge. >> you must, must, must, put the dispute in writing. and you have to do it within 60 days of receiving the charge on your bill. >> reporter: see will said she is -- sheila said she is suppose to hear on friday about the charge. after back and forth between the organization and her credit card company, she wonders if she'll ever see her money again. >> i would never do this again. and i feel so bad by saying that. >> we have some good news for her, because we just learned a short time ago that the bank of
5:48 pm
the america spokesperson that the fee has not been processed yet. so they are only going to process the $20 donation that she intended. but still, she said she's never going to use a credit card again to make a donation. but they say that is not a good idea, because a credit card is the only way to ensure that you have protection in case of a dispute. bank of america, by the way, says they protect their customers in situations like this. the new york city transit agencies are investigating an online video, that shows a man kissing and snuggling up, but a live chicken. he's doing it on the floor of the subway car. look at this. what's going on? i've been out there. do you see a lot of things on that? that is a little bizarre. they say this all happened on tuesday, and on the uptown six train. they said that the man seemed oblivious to his surroundings. i guess he really likes chickens. >> some passengers were looking. they were laughing. others say i'm getting the heck out of here and hustling awa i from the man and his wonderful
5:49 pm
tickets. >> only in new york. 9news now at six is less than 15 minutes away. here's a look at what we have new for you tonight. one day after the state of the union, the house speaker gets grilled about no mention of the dc voting rights. gps may help you find out where you're going, but can they also help the police find you? >> and two commuter alerts for you tonight on the big projects and the reason that we'll tell you everything that you need to know that's coming up tonight at 6:00. but without any further adieu, the man with the snow totals. >> trying to get to the best shot earlier. >> oh, the not so bad? >> yeah. they like it. that's just not the right one. >> this is the one that you wanted. this is good. this is up in st. petersburg. that's really some serious note there. they did a great job with that. >> yes. >> that is a great best shot. >> actually, if you look at it, it is high up. it's like you're up on the ridge and over the mountains, it's kind of cool. >> i think on independence day, he will be out there.
5:50 pm
>> if you're hot, they might bring that. >> just a coating. going with the next three days here. i don't know what you're sneezing from. nothing more than mold. that's all it could be. unless they gave you the cold. i don't know. 32 tomorrow. and then snow on saturday, what? more to the south of town. mid to upper 20s. and cold with sunshine returning on sunday with temperatures in the upper 20s. now tonight, the skies are more colder. winds will become northwesterly at 10 to 15 after midnight and in the meantime, they will be at 15 to 25 and gusty. look at the lows. we didn't make it below freezing tonight. while they are at 18. and 18 at great falls. and 21 for them. 21 at silver springs. 18 at upper marlboro. they are breezy, very cold. the teens in the 20s. the windchills tomorrow morning, and the single digits. by the afternoon, partly cloudy, with winds factoring out there for them. satellite picture, radar combined. there is a storm, hammering the
5:51 pm
texas panhandling for them. and right along i-40. just north of i-40 will be the heavy access of snow. we're still going to watch where this storm ends up. but still $2,000 miles away. we'll see some snow, more snow to the south of town, and there are some winter storm watches down towards fredericksburg for them at king george. it could be them for the next seven days. 32 tomorrow, some snow on saturday, more snow for them in the upper 20s on sunday. upper 30s on monday. then a weaker system comes out. it's on tuesday. probably a mix. the temperatures are around 40. and we clear out on wednesday and thursday of next week with temperatures above average for them back in the low 40s. tkpwhr thank you, topper. >> all right, now it's the first day post gilbert. and i think the wizards are fine with it. they are relieved personally that the whole ordeal for them is right out there. not that they are not going to miss their old buddies. they won't miss the whole mess. that is 22 points for them. and moving out the door. in the terms for them.
5:52 pm
and the prosports team. seeing every corner of the franchise. dave statter was -- dave owens was with the team for them and the lives. >> for the wizards, the commissioner's decision to suspend gilbert arenas for the remainder of the year. and much needed closure. >> it was the constant distraction for them and the question. and not knowing that and sometimes, waiting and not knowing is worse than finding out. >> to be honest, we kind of expected it that he was going to miss some time. i think it's good for the team to know those guys are not going to help us this year. >> reporter: saunders spoke with arenas recently and said that the all-star guard expressed regrets. >> he felt like he has let us down. >> jamison was not successful to speak to him, but he will reach out. >> that is not going to stop.
5:53 pm
>> the moral around here is in the basement. >> reporter: not only is the team dealing with embarrassing behavior that has made them a national headline on the court, but they are also not very competitive. that's a far cry from the beginning of the year when most around here thought this team would be at least a playoff contender. >> it was tough. to sit here and i'd be lying to you if i told you i'm struggling a little bit. and i thought last year was tough. but it is just very disappointed. >> reporter: will he ever wear the uniform again? he was hopeful, but saunders said no comment. as for the 48 games left in this season, the captain offered this perspective. >> and there is no need to run. no need to make excuses. you need to be man about it. no surprise for them. the name that you represent for them in the back of the jersey out there. >> at the verizon center on >> and i think that was telling. if you asked the coach, if gilbert arenas is ever going to
5:54 pm
play for that team again and the coach said no comment. then i think we could read between the lines, at least he wants to. remaining for them. they don't really know about that now. >> no. but he says if he wants to get paid that million dollars, otherwise, he's not going to get paid. >> wow. you're right. >> coming up in tonight's living well report, using the tongue to help individuals for them in the wheelchairs. >> don't forget, we're always on stay with us, tonight's living well segment is next.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
people with severe spinal cord injury, maneuvering a wheelchair can be difficult, sometimes impossible. as anita brikman explains that engineers are working on a new power chair that could make it a lot easier for these patients to get around. >> crews, they cannot use their arms or legs. after a surfing accident two years ago, nice a wheelchair. it's been difficult for him to get around. but since he joined a clinical trial at georgia tech school of electrical and computer engineering, crews, they can now control his wheelchair by using his tongue. >> well, i saw that stuff. that it is called there. >> reporter: known as the tongue drive. they are going to exercise their tongue movement by using computer games. once they master that, researchers, they attach a small
5:58 pm
magnet to the tongue. they work like a mouse pad with the tongue as the curser. move it forward and it sends a wireless signal to a headset that then calls the -- causes the wheelchair -- wheelchair to move forward. >> one of the major message is that it is connecting it to the brain. >> a person that has even the highest spinal cord injuries, that can move his or her tongue. >> unlike the other power manual chair that can rely on that such like the one used by the late christopher reid. this chair only needs a headset and that tongue chip that is less conspicuous for the user. i'm anita brikman -- anita brikman for 9news now and researchers are hoping to even expand this concept by signing a person to a command or letters allowing them to type with that tongue, turning someone's mouth into a virtual keyboard. to see more about these and the
5:59 pm
technologies, including lengths to the memo, go to our website and click on living well. thank you for joining us for 9news now at five. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. it's the question on everybody's minds tonight, will it snow? let's get straight to topper as he tracks our storm alert, top? >> reporter: we need cold air for snow. and that is pouring in right now. let's go to the computer. here's what we know. whatever falls will be snow. because temperatures, they will be very cold in the teens and in the 20s. and it looks like a glancing blow. but even that blow could give us accumulating snow, particularly south of town. in fact, there are winter storm watches for them in parts of the northern area and the extreme southern maryland. keep that in mind. heavy snow, south of town. could be the storm. we change the timing a little bit. i don't think we'll see that on friday night. it will be on saturday. and now, take a look at the satellite picture, radar combined for


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